Is there anything impossible for the Lord?

"Is there anything impossible for the Lord? For, as I said, next year I will come to visit you again. And at that time Sarah will have a son."
Genesis 18:14

This text speaks of God's promise to Abraham and Sarah to give them a son at a time when there were no longer any natural conditions for this to happen.

Abram and Sarah were a couple, just like so many others who have dreams. And this story, so well known to most people, teaches us about impossibilities, promises, faith and victory.

But not everything was perfect, because they were human. Sarah even doubted and laughed when God said He would give them a son. When that happened, the Lord asked, "Is there anything that is too difficult for me?"

We all go through situations when our resources run out. In fact, although there are calm times and storms, we need miracles every day. The difference is that sometimes they seem bigger or smaller in our eyes.

Which miracle do you need today? No matter if it is a small intervention or a turnaround in your life, believe me: nothing is too hard for God.

The Lord created all things, He alone has all the formulas, all power is vested in His name, He has dominion over everything that happens, so it only takes one word from Him for everything to change completely! 

If you have asked in faith, your miracle has already happened in the spiritual world. But for it to happen in the natural world, you have to persevere in your belief, even if your eyes don't see any sign of a miracle.

Believe and keep believing! Then nothing can stop the Almighty God from acting on your behalf!

Prayer: Lord, how comforting it is to know that I am a child of an omnipotent, unlimited, omniscient God, so present in my life and aware of all my needs. I believe that there is nothing that is too hard for you. I believe that my miracle has already been "processed" in the spirit world and is ready to be delivered into my hands in its due time. I trust that the Lord always has the best for me! Amen.

Helio & Deise Peixoto

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