Be a cooperator in its construction

"...for there is a time for every purpose and for every work."
Ecclesiastes 3:17b

Our life is made in stages. For some reason, God has established it this way. God begins our construction today, because He has already foreseen where He wants us to go later on. He has already planned what we will achieve and in what time it should happen, because He has the best for us.

Sometimes one area of our life is built up more quickly than others. If this happens, it is not because God wants to punish us, but because there is a purpose. There is also another very determining factor for the timing of this building: our behavior.

Are we hindering or cooperating with God in bringing His plans to fruition? Could it be that if we had listened to His voice at a certain time and obeyed what He said, we might be further ahead?

Do you remember that the people of Israel took 40 years in the desert to reach their destination, even though God's plan was for them to stay less than a fortnight? We have to be willing to follow what God tells us to get where He wants us to go.

For there to be a step change, we have to pass the previous steps. We go up one step at a time. Nobody gets into college without having gone through elementary and high school, right?

We cannot "burn" steps. There is a path with a direction to follow. We will reach our destination, but we cannot get in the way with our haste, with our insubordination, murmuring and independence from God, letting our own ideas drive our life.

Cooperate with the miracle! Be more observant, attentive, and connected to the work God wants to do in you. Persevere in the purpose He has for your life, and the next step will soon come, taking you to a higher level!

Prayer: God, may I be a collaborator in your purpose, and not one who delays the arrival in the Promised Land. Give me more sensitivity and discernment so that I can clearly perceive the direction you point me in and I can follow it, going through the stages until I reach your best for me. In Jesus' name, amen.

Helio & Deise Peixoto

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