Keep faith and patience hand in hand

"By faith even Sarah herself received power to become a mother, notwithstanding her advanced age, because she counted him faithful who had promised her."
Hebrews 11:11

We all have dreams to fulfill, challenges to overcome, and projects to finish. But sometimes we find ourselves facing such impossibilities, feeling so pressured, that giving up seems like a relief.

Our impatience grows in the face of waiting, for our flesh hates to wait. We often ask, "How long, Lord, will I have to go through this?"

Imagine how Sarah must have felt as she waited for the child of promise... She must have asked this question many times as she realized that the years were advancing and it seemed increasingly impossible for her to get pregnant.

Because she could no longer wait, she tried to provide a solution herself instead of continuing to wait for God to do what he had promised. Of course, this was not a good idea...

What about you? Does your situation seem unbearable? Do you feel you have reached your limit and need your solution "yesterday"?

Unbelief makes us doubt the dreams placed in our hearts by God Himself. What's more, hastiness, which leads to trying to give God a "hand", ends up delaying His plans even more. Don't do this, because our impulses to solve things our way always have consequences.

Believe: God loves you so much that He delights in accomplishing what He has promised! He is faithful to His Word and just to fulfill it. He is perfect in the solutions He gives. He is also perfect in choosing when His blessing should come.

Just do your part: keep faith and patience hand in hand!

Prayer: Father, I know that your answer will not come in my time, but in due time. I declare that your promises will come true in my life just as you did with Sarah, who so longed for a son. I want to hold fast the confession of my faith and wait patiently, trusting that you always have the best for me. Thank you for strengthening me every day. Soon I will enjoy my miracle! In Jesus' name, amen.

Helio & Deise Peixoto

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