Inheritance of the Lord are the children

"The LORD's inheritance is children; the fruit of the womb is their reward."
Psalms 127:3

When we have children, we want the best for them. That they are upright, honest, God-fearing, successful in their studies and profession, that they have a good marriage, that they live healthy lives, and so on.

Children are gifts that God has given us to love and to teach His way, but before they are ours, they are the Lord's. We receive them as a wonderful inheritance.

The significance of this is tremendous, for parents generally live worried about their children's future, forgetting that there is someone who loves them more than they love themselves: their heavenly Father.

So if you are a parent, how about resting in God trusting that He Himself watches over your children's future much more perfectly than you do? The Father has the best plans and thoughts about them!

We human beings are not in control of all things, but God, unlike us, is the great conductor of our lives, perfectly coordinating the timing of things and the way they should be carried out.

Give your children into God's hands, trust Him. Do your part by teaching values according to the Word, use your mouth to prophesy blessings, but, mainly, be a good example to them, because this is what will influence their lives the most.

Ask God for wisdom to know how to deal with the difficulties that arise and for you to be able to transmit to them the security that only God offers. Rest and trust, because your children belong to the Lord!

Prayer: God, I thank you because I know that you love my children much more perfectly than I, who am flawed. Because you love them and know them deeply, I know that you will care for them and lead their lives in a flawless way. At this moment, I ask you to enable me to be the best parent for them. May I be able to encourage them with my attitudes and words to be in love with you. I give you thanks because they are a blessing to me and to others, and because their future will be very successful. In Jesus' name, amen.

Helio & Deise Peixoto

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